Hello there.. ain't nothing to see here yet...

But if you insist on seeing something, take a look at a few sites I've created over the years.. I'ld suggest BookHq, TextSwap, myHq and Hotwire coz there's more meat there... myHobby is really my hobby.. and that's it for now.. I was planning something bigger but didn't have to time to realize the vision.. mostly coz I've co-founded another company (eTaipan) that looks to help develop eBusiness in Asia.
    This is sort a history of sites I've created
  1. '97 TextSwap - Textbook exchange site.. lots of neat features.. I'm also giving away the source code.
  2. '97 Stuff2Sell - Classifieds that obtained listings and categorized them from newsgroups. Sort of defunct.
  3. '98 StockHq - Stock tracking news site. Check out the TDFX area. Also consolidates multiple stock related sites into one navigation interface. Defunct - sort of..
  4. '98 CouponHq - Coupons online. Also defunct. Too much legwork involved.
  5. '98 myHq - An online bookmark manager. No ads. Lots and lots of features..
  6. '99 eMason - Sort of an ASP for websites. Didn't have too much time to add to the feature list though. However, its multi-lingual.

    Then I joined Scient.. the eBusiness systems Innovator.. (ie eBusiness consulting) and was part of
  7. '99 CarStation - A B2B site connecting car part dealers and the body/mechanic shops. Was only involved as a developer here though.. probably the most narrow focus I've ever had.
  8. '00 Hotwire - A B2C site selling products under an opaque model. (air tickets, hotels) A double-digit million dollar project. I was responsible for the hotels portion. Pretty cool.. did the technical architecture and some of the development but I have to say I mostly spent time in or preparing for meetings w/ the clients..

    Then, around fall 2000, it was time.. I left Scient after a little over a year....

    and co-founded eTaipan and together with a partner, was responsible for helping develop
  9. '00 EmergentAsia - A software consulting company based in the Phillipines

    as well create
  10. '01 Dragonmine - A private contact network consisting of various high-level executives, entrepreneurs and government contacts allowing members to find possible points of co-operation.
  11. '01 Software Builds - An international software outsourcing company to help explore the possibility and methods of efficiently bringing multi-timezone work best practices into Asia.
  12. '01 Pacific VC - (to be launched) A focused contact set of funding resources in the asia-pacific.

    in the meantime, I've had some free time, so I created another site.
  13. '01 BookHq - A book price comparison site that allows you to search multiple bookstores at once. (searchable by title, author, isbn)
  14. '01 eMason - eMason now sells software (TextswapSS - textbook exchange software).
  15. '01 eMasonHosting - a web hosting provider I recently found an old version of my resume.. and thus the question arises.. based upon my own resume, will I hire myself for my own ventures? hmmm..

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