Janssen Choong

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.
Dual Degree Candidate, May 1999.
Bachelor of Science in Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering, School of Engineering and Applied Science
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, College of Arts and Sciences

Computer Skills
Programming: Perl, Javascript, C, C++, Java, SML, Scheme, Pascal
Database: MySQL, Access, Oracle, O2
Miscellaneous: HTML, CGI, ODBC, JDBC, Apache

Computer Experience
12 years using and configuring computers, more PC than Macs
6 years programming (2 years for the web).
4 years on the web.

Personal Profile
Member, Science and Technology Wing
Attendee, Spring 1999 Principal Investment Conference
Attendee, Spring 1999 Wharton Technology Conference
Volunteer, Fall 1998 International Orientation Program
Attendee, Fall 1997 Internet Service Provider Convention, S.F.
Malay, Native proficiency
Cantonese, Intermediate proficiency
7 years of piano
2 years of stock investing

Magazines subscribed
American Scientist
Fast Company
Industry Standard
PC Magazine
Popular Science
Red Herring

Recent authors read
Alvin Toffler
Clayton M. Christensen
Don Tapscott
Virginia Postrel

Latest Project
BAM!: The Banner-Affiliate-Model. Extends the concept of the affiliate system so that content-based sites can create their own affiliate
Web Sites Founded & Designed
TextSwap: Multi university site that allows students to trade textbooks. Integrates a professor and course comments system.

Stuff2Sell: Web classified system that also automatically categorizes the usenet postings in the upenn.forsale newsgroups.

MyHQ: Multi-user web application that creates a bookmark and resource page on the web. Allows you control over the fonts and colors used. Additionally, allows users to "subscribe" to each other's links. Has a Javascript application allowing users to search using various search engines. Javascript application remembers the last search engine you used.

StockHQ: Community contributed news tracking service that focuses on companies. Web based tool allowing users to create their own portfolio of links to a their choice of data sources. Offers multiple navigation styles to registered users.

eMason: Website introducing my latest project. Includes a custom made web directory that features "collapsible categories". Also includes a multi-lingual site recommendation tool.

Resume Version : May 1999